Speed Up Bulk Row Operations

Talks About: Change Indicator feature for EOs.

Straight start:

When you gonna delete or update some row, BC4J attempts to get lock of that row. When BC4J attempts to lock a row it first checks if the row has been already updated or deleted by some other user, while we were doing the operation.

If the row is already updated or deleted, you get STALE DATA ERROR.

The point here is, how do BC4J decides if a row has been changed. Well, it does  by comparing column to column.

While defining an entity object, in wizard we can define which columns are to be compared for check of STALE data state. By setting the change indicator flag for attributes, we tell BC4J that only comparing these attributes are sufficient for check of row delete or update.

This small thing can be useful for speed up in bulk update operation where comparison operation can be significantly reduced.

Also in case of master child operations, if we set change indicator of the line item as dirty, this would automatically set master's change attribute also dirty. Thus, this easy step could serve very much help if any operation on lines items should update master's WHO columns also.

InshaAllah later may publish article about OVN (Object Version Number). 

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