Use Ant for OAF Deployments

Talks About: Deploying OAF items using ant.Like must read for OAF developers.

I used term OAF just to bring attention. Infact, use Ant to automate most of your deployment tasks (Like pl/sqls, rdf, etc.).However, here I may give an approach how you can automate your deployment of OAF items (be it personalization or other java files) using ant and shell script. In nutshell, you deliver to your client an installable package which should be installable by DBA, and your presence shouldn't be required at all near DBA to tell him now do this, now do that etc. Completely installable package of your deliverables with effective installation logs.


A java based tool, available in most linux distributions (so alot chance, your production instance already has ant). This tool has lots of tasks available to different tasks, like Copy for copying file, Javac task for compiling java file,War, Jar blah blah...just lots of tasks. And if needed you can define your own tasks.Then we can define an xml ant build file which contains what tasks are to be done and in which order, we can specify which task is dependent on other too.

So, in nutshell, by delivering an ant build file with your regular items, you can make your deliverable full installable.

Deployment Approach for OAF:

While working at companies,what I usually do in my deliverable installable package is :

1. Personalization files in a folder. Lets say it "build/Personalizations"

2.Normal OAF items like EO,VO java and xml files with its hierarchies.Keep it in "build/src" folder.

3.A .txt file containing list of personalizations which are to be deployed.

4.An ant build file. build.xml

5.One shell scrip file for reading personalization list from .txt file and calling Importer program on them.

6. One master shell script which does two tasks.

A. Calls ant with the ant build file.

B. Calls the personalization importing shell script.

Thats it and all things automated.

I do not carry code developed  for clients, back to my own repository. InshaAllah may try to write some samples for you guys and put here.

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